Java 10 - Application Class-Data Sharing

The goal of this feature is to improve the startup footprint, extends the existing Class-Data Sharing (“CDS”) feature to allow application classes to be placed in the shared archive.

Class-Data Sharing, introduced in JDK 5, allows a set of classes to be pre-processed into a shared archive file that can then be memory-mapped at runtime to reduce startup time. It can also reduce dynamic memory footprint when multiple JVMs share the same archive file.

Currently CDS only allows the bootstrap class loader to load archived classes. Application CDS allows the built-in system class loader, the built-in platform class loader, and custom class loaders to load archived classes.

Specify the -XX:+UseAppCDS command-line option to enable class data sharing for the system class loader, the platform class loader, and other user-defined class loaders.

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