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Java 9 - Overview

Java 9 is bringing lots of new enhancements which are going to affect your programming style. Its initial version was released on 21 Sep 2017.

New Features

Module − A module is new construct like we already have packages. self-describing collection of code and data.

HTTP 2 Client HTTP/1.1 client was released on 1997. A lot has changed since. new HTTPClient API supporting websockets and HTTP 2 streams and server push features.

REPL (JShell) JShell allows us to execute Java code snippets and get immediate results without having to create a solution or project.

Multirelease JAR Using multi-release feature, now a jar can contains different versions of a class – compatible to different JDK releases.

Stream API Improvements Java 9 has introduced two new methods to interact with Streams i.e. takeWhile / dropWhile methods.

Improved JavaDocsJava 9 enhances the javadoc tool to generate HTML5 markup. It currently generates pages in HTML 4.01.

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