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JSF <h:commandLink> Tag

JSF renders it as a HTML "a" anchor element that submit like a structure submit button when clicked. Along these lines, you tag make stay tag by utilizing this tag. A h:commandLink label must represents a settled h:outputText tag, which speaks to the content that the client snaps to create the occasion. It's additionally required to be put inside a <h:form> tag.

JSF <h:commandLink> Tag Example

  1. <h:commandLink id="image-link-id" action="response.xhtml">  
  2. <h:outputText value="Click here"></h:outputText>  
  3. </h:commandLink>  

JSF renders <h:commandLink> tag as below:

  1. <a id="user-form:image-link-id" href="#"  
  2. onclick="mojarra.jsfcljs(document.getElementById('user-form'),{'user-form:image-link-id':'user-form:image-link-id'},'');return  
  3. false">Click here</a>  

    JSF <h:commandLink> Tag Attributes

    Attribute Description
    id It is an identifier for this component. This id must be momentous. You can use it to get to HTML component in CSS and JS file.
    value It is utilized to show name for this component.
    type The substance kind of the asset assigned by this hyperlink.
    action It is utilized to give activity to this commandlink.
    accesskey Access key that, when squeezed, moves center to this component. It differs program to browser.
    actionListener It speaks to an activity audience technique that will be told when this segment is actuated by the user.
    charset The character encoding of the asset assigned by this hyperlink.
    coords It is utilized to set position and state of the problem area on the screen (for use in customer side picture maps).
    disabled It is utilized to crippled segment. You can crippled it by appointing genuine value.
    hreflang It is utilized to set the language code of the asset assigned by this hyperlink.
    rel The relationship from the present archive to the grapple indicated by this hyperlink. The estimation of this trait is a space-separated list of connection types.
    rendered It is utilized to render this component. You can set it's value valid or false. Default value is true.
    rev It is a reverse link from the anchor specified by this hyperlink to the present specified . The attribute of this characteristic is a space-separated list of connection types.
    shape It talks to the state of the problem area on the screen. The substantial qualities are: default (whole locale); rect (rectangular area); circle (round district); and poly (polygonal locale).
    style It is utilized to set CSS style code to give better UI of this component.

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