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JSF <h:form>Tag

The <h:form> tag represents to an input form. It includes child parts that can contain data which is either displayed to the client or submitted with the form. It can likewise HTML markup to spread out the parts on the page.

JSF <h:form> Tag Declaration

  1. <h:form>  
  2. <!-- form elements -->  
  3. </h:form>  

JSF <h:form> Tag Example:

  1. <h:form id="user-form">  
  2. <h:outputLabel for="username">User Name</h:outputLabel>  
  3. <h:inputText id="username" value="#{}" required="true" requiredMessage="Username is required"/><br/>  
  4. <h:commandButton id="submit-button" value="Submit" action="response.xhtml"/>  
  5. </h:form>  

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