Difference between Ant and Maven

Ant and Maven both are manufacture instruments given by Apache. The principle reason for these technologies is to facilitate the manufacture procedure of a project.

There are many differences between ant and maven that are given below:

Ant doesn't has formal conventions, so we have to give data of the task structure in build.xml file.Maven has a convention to put source code, assembled code and so forth. So we don't have to give data about the venture structure in pom.xml file.
Ant is procedural, you have to give information data about what to do and when to do through code. You have to give order.Maven is declarative, all that you characterize in the pom.xml file.
There is no life cycle in Ant.There is life cycle in Maven.
It is a tool box.It is a framework.
It is mainly an assemble tool.It is mainly a task the board tool.
The subterranean insect contents are not reusable.The maven modules are reusable.
It is less preferred than Maven.It is more preferred than Ant.

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