How to install Maven on windows

You can download and introduce maven on windows, linux and MAC OS stages. Here, we will figure out how to introduce maven on windows OS.

To introduce maven on windows, you have to perform following steps:

  1. Download maven and extract it
  2. Add JAVA_HOME and MAVEN_HOME in environment variable
  3. Add maven way in environment variable
  4. Verify Maven

1) Download Maven

To introduce maven on windows, you have to download apache maven first.

Download Maven most recent Maven programming from Download most recent variant of Maven

For precedent: apache-maven

Extract it. Presently it will look like this:

maven structure

2) Add MAVEN_HOME in environment variable

Right click on MyComputer - > properties - > Advanced System Settings - > Environment variables - > click new button

Now add MAVEN_HOME in factor name and way of maven in factor esteem. It must be the home catalog of maven for example external index of container. For instance: E:\apache-maven 3.1.1 .It is shown below:

maven home directory

Now click on OK button.

maven home directory

Now click on OK button.

3) Add Maven Path in environment variable

Click on new tab in the event that way isn't set, at that point set the way of maven. In the event that it is set, alter the way and annex the way of maven.

Here, we have introduced JDK and its way is set as a matter of course, so we will attach the way of maven.

The way of maven ought to be %maven home%/bin. For instance, E:\apache-maven 3.1.1\bin .

maven path

4)Verify maven

To confirm whether maven is introduced or not, open the order brief and write:

  1. mvn âˆ’version  

Presently it will show the rendition of maven and jdk including the maven home and java home.

Let's see the output:

maven verification output

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