Maven tutorial

Maven tutorial gives provides and advanced ideas of apache maven technology. Our expert tutoriale is created for amateurs and professionals.

Maven is an amazing project the management tool that depends on POM (project object model). It is utilized for projects build , dependency and documentation.

It rearranges the build procedure like ANT. Yet, it is a lot of cutting edge than ANT.

Current variant of Maven is 3.

Understanding the issue without Maven

There are many issues that we face during the project improvement. They are talked about below:

1) Adding set of Jars in each project: if there should be an occurrence of struts, spring, hibernate framework, we have to include set of container records in each undertaking. It must incorporate every one of the dependencies of jars moreover.

2) Creating the correct project structure: We should make the correct project structure in servlet, struts and so on, else it won't be executed.

3) Building and Deploying the project: We should need to build and deploy the project with the goal that it might work.

What it does?

Maven simplifies the previously mentioned issues. It does for the most part following tasks.

  1. It makes a project simple to build
  2. It gives uniform form process (expert project can be shared by all the expert projects)
  3. It gives project data (log archive, cross referenced sources, mailing list, dependency list, unit test reports etc.)
  4. It is anything but difficult to migrate for new features of Maven

Apache Maven serves to manage

  • Builds
  • Documentation
  • Reporing
  • SCMs
  • Releases
  • Distribution

What is Build Tool

A build tool deals with everything for structure a procedure. It does following:

  • Generates source code (if auto-produced code is used)
  • Generates documentation from source code
  • Compiles source code
  • Packages arranged code into JAR of ZIP file
  • Installs the bundled code in repository store, server archive, or central repository

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