Struts 2 ActionInvocation Tutorial

The ActionInvocation speaks to the execution condition of an activity. It holds the activity and interceptors objects.

ActionInvocation Interface

The struts framework gives ActionInvocation interface to manage ActionInvocation. It gives numerous strategies, some of them can be utilized to get the occurrence of ValueStack, ActionProxy, ActionContext, Result etc.

Methods of ActionInvocation Interface

The usually utilized strategies for ActionInvocation interface are as follows:

1)public ActionContext getInvocationContext()returns the ActionContext object related with the ActionInvocation.
2)public ActionProxy getProxy()returns the ActionProxy occasion holding this ActionInvocation.
3)public ValueStack getStack()returns the occasion of ValueStack.
4)public Action getAction()returns the occasion of Action related with this ActionInvocation.
5)public void invoke()invokes the following asset in handling this ActionInvocation.
6)public Result getResult()returns the occasion of Result.

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