Learn Struts 2 Tutorial

The struts 2 framework is utilized to create MVC-based web application.

The struts structure was at first made by Craig McClanahan and gave to Apache Foundation in May, 2000 and Struts 1.0 was discharged in June 2001.

The current stable arrival of Struts will be Struts in March 2, 2014.

This struts 2 instructional exercise covers every one of the points of Struts 2 Framework with streamlined precedents for tenderfoots and experienced persons.

Struts 2 Framework

The Struts 2 structure is utilized to create MVC (Model View Controller) based web applications. struts 2 is the blend of webwork framework of opensymphony and struts 1.

  • struts2 = webwork + struts1  
  • The Struts 2 provides supports to POJO based actions, Validation Support, AJAX Support, Integration support to various frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring, Tiles etc, support to various result types such as Freemarker, Velocity, JSP etc.

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