Distinction Between Woman And Men in Betting

There are significant differences between betting on men and women when it comes to Grand Slam tennis at 22Bet. Below are three key distinctions between men and women on the court, along with their betting implications.

 Manner of Serving

The rate at which men serve is always more forceful than that of women. However, the second serves of many elite male players are harder than the hardest serves that women can withstand. 

A big, powerful serve can be a significant handicapping factor in a game, depending on the sportsbook. Also, Women’s serves can play a significant role, but because they are frequently not as strong, the impact may not be very significant. To put it another way, a man with a powerful serve has a greater chance of winning than a woman with a cannon attached to her racket, it’s not a joke.

Audience attention

Audience attention

Men’s and women’s tennis generally receive different levels of public attention. In most sports, male players receive more attention than female players, though circumstances can vary depending on the players involved and the strength of both teams. 

The public will be more familiar with more male players because  there usually professional rivalry that is very fun to watch. 

Although, some female players are much popular than male players with bettors for reasons unrelated to their play, such as their appearance, relationships, fashion preferences, and so forth, and this can have a significant impact on how bettors perceive them.

Another reason is that, compared to women, men tend to mature and develop more slowly, but once they do, they remain in their prime for longer. As a result, it is simpler for a casual bettor to prefer the strength of the male tennis player than the female.



Men are put to a much tougher endurance test than women. They play best of five sets, whereas women play best of three, and there is only one clear and simple explanation for this. Women could thus win a major tournament by winning just 14 sets for three weeks, whereas men must play at least 21 games and frequently much more. 

The extra activity can be a real problem throughout the tournament because all of the tournaments are held in locations where it can get hot and where the heat is a real problem.

When handicapping a tennis tournament, stamina is always a concern, especially on the men’s side. If a male player enters a tournament with less than full physical capacity, whether due to insufficient training or general conditioning, it can be difficult for him to reach his full potential.


Many gamblers fail to consider the gender dynamics in sporting and sports betting. While this may have limited Impact on some sports, a lot of of other sports involves significant physical activity, and therefore, naturally, men are considered physically strong than women, a smart gambler must factor this.