Sports Betting Age Restrictions

Sports betting is now a relatively accessible industry anywhere, globally, and by anyone. However, certain restrictions exist on how much you can play and who is allowed. One of those restrictions is the legal age restriction.

Most sports betting platforms implement age restrictions, especially in countries where betting is legalized, and this is usually a requirement before a bettor is allowed to register. You can find this in the registration requirements for 22Bet. This restriction is mainly to prevent underage gambling. However, age restrictions differ depending on the state and type of games played. Therefore, a punter eligible to play in one country may not be legally allowed to play in another country.

The standard age requirement

Although various countries have different laws, most countries worldwide set the legal age for gambling at 18. So, once a person has reached this age requirement, they can bet and gamble on games. There’s little explanation as to the reason for this age choice. However, it is believed that at 18 years old, people in many countries leave school and are considered adults. In fact, on most occasions, 18 is the age of adulthood in most places. However, this age restriction has been modified and implemented differently in several countries. Here are some examples:

United States of America

Betting Age Restrictions

The different states in America decide the legal age for gambling, and it is, and most states in America have chosen 21 as the minimum legal age. However, this is different on certain occasions. For instance, aged 18 can bet on horse races in states like Arkansas, New York, and Illinois. Also, a few states, such as Minnesota, Iowa, and Idaho, set their legal age at 18.

United Kingdom

The status quo here can be confusing as it may change depending on the circumstances. For instance, an 18-year-old may enter a bingo club but not play bingo. Also, a 16-year-old can work in a bingo club but is disallowed from rendering services related to bingo. It may be mind-boggling; however, it is crucial to know that the legal age in this country is 18, except in certain games such as arcades.

New Zealand

Betting Age Restrictions

The legal age for gambling in New Zealand is 20, which is a tad different from the norm but unsurprising. However, this may shift to 18 in some instances, like in playing horse racing and instant Kiwi games.


In China, gambling of all forms is prohibited, but this law allows certain exceptions; for instance, people 21 years and above can play a lottery controlled by the state. But it is common to find underground (illegal) betting in this country, which makes nonsense of the age restriction.

There are several other countries with different rules as to age restriction. Therefore, if you’re a traveler or looking to relocate, it’s essential to determine the legal standard in that country before gambling or betting.