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Java 10 - New-Added-APIs-and-Options

73 new API's has been included Java 10. We should experience a couple of them:

Optional.orElseThrow()A new strategy orElseThrow has been added to the Optional class. It is synonymous with and is presently the favored option in contrast to the current get method.
List.copyOf, Set.copyOf, and Map.copyOfThese techniques make new accumulation occasions from existing instances.
Collectors.toUnmodifiableList, Collectors.toUnmodifiableSet, Collectors.toUnmodifiableMapThese strategies permit the components of a Stream to be gathered into an unmodifiable collection
- - jdk.disableLastUsageTrackingTo cripple JRE last utilization following for a running VM.
- - include stylesheetProvides support for the utilization of different templates in the created documentation.
- - fundamental stylesheetTo help recognize the primary template from any extra stylesheets.
@summary TagAdded to unequivocally determine the content utilized as the rundown of the API depiction. Of course, the outline of an API depiction is induced from the first sentence.

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