The values of the cards – big differences

There are also big differences in the values of the individual cards from card game to card game, as will become clear below.

Blackjack: Reaching 21

The rules of blackjack are almost the same internationally and it is the most played card game on offer by casinos and casinos. The aim of this card game is to get as close as possible to the value of 21 points with two or more cards than the croupier. However, the value of 21 must not be exceeded.

Doubling and combining rule

Aces can be worth either one or eleven points in blackjack. Their value is only determined when the player stops buying cards. According to their eyes, the two to ten cards are counted and all face cards are worth ten points. Now the rules of doubling and various combinations will be considered.

Once a player has received their first two cards, they have the option to double their bet. The value of the two cards is irrelevant. If the player doubles, he gets another card after that. Doubling is also possible after splitting. Casinoverdiener’s blackjack guide recommends always doubling down on an 11-point hand, since the chance of 21 points is particularly high. Do not double down unless the dealer has an ace.

The additional bet (Perfect Pairs) offers various possible combinations. It is about the combination of the first two cards of the box played. There are three different combinations of pairs. On the one hand there is the mixed pair, i.e. a pair consisting of a red and a black card, on the other hand the colored pair, i.e. a pair consisting of two cards of the same suit (e.g. ace of clubs) and the perfect pair, i.e. an identical card Pair.

Poker: Ace is the highest card


In poker, the ace is the highest card, but in poker the hand is ranked by the combination of cards. A higher ranked hand beats a lower ranked hand. When two players have the same combination, the side card decides who wins and gets the pot.

Exceptions are straight and straight flush

The straight hand is also known as the straight. It consists of five cards in ascending order. With regard to the aces, there is something special about the straight. Aces can be used as either the highest card (Royal Flush) or the lowest card ie A-2-3-4-5. The ace can only be used at the end or beginning of a straight. The same applies to the straight flush, i.e. a straight in one suit.

Rummy: minuses and pluses

Rummy is a card game for two to six players. In rummy, too, each card has a certain value. If several cards are laid out together, their respective values are added. Face cards are worth 10 and all other cards are worth their face value . So the 10 also has the value 10.

In the German variant of rummy, cards can count not only as plus but also as minus points. This happens when a player runs out but the other players still have cards in their hands. In this case, the same minuses are counted as pluses that would have been counted if the cards had been played. So if you have an eight in your hand at the end of the game, you get eight minus points. Aces and jokers are particularly costly as each ace is worth 11 minus points at the end of the round and each joker is worth 20. If you have an ace or a joker in your hand and it looks like the round is about to end, it is advisable to discard these cards face up.

Special rules for the Joker

Basically, the joker is assigned a value of 20. However, if the joker is used, it gets the value of the card it represents. It is possible to use the joker variably for all cards, this increases the betting possibilities enormously and the point value of the joker is subject to strong fluctuations.

Hearts: Queen of Spades is the boss


Hearts is a trick-based card game from the USA. Hearts is played with four players and 52 cards. As the name suggests, heart cards have a special meaning. Each heart on a card counts as one point, so for example 8 hearts count as eight points. However, the queen of spades has the highest score with 13 value points. All other cards, except for the hearts mentioned above, have no value.

Penalty points, trumps and tricks

At the beginning of the game, each player has 13 cards in hand, from which he chooses three cards in the first round, which he gives face down to the player on his left. In the next game the cards are passed on to the right, in the game after that the opponents exchange cards and before the next game there is no exchange at all and then the whole thing starts all over again. The game is opened by the 2 of Clubs and the player to the left of the person who opened the game must now place a card of the same suit on the 2 of Clubs. If he has no matching card, he may discard any card. However, neither a heart card nor a queen of spades may be placed on the first trick. If the player has only hearts in their hand, they are said to “bleed on the first trick”. That’s because Hearts is all about getting the lowest possible score, so there are no pluses, only minuses. There are no trumps in Hearts. The order of the values is:

  • 2-10
  • Jack
  • queen
  • king
  • ace

Cards can be discarded over multiple rounds. All cards, including hearts and the queen of spades, may be discarded from the second trick onwards. Once all cards have been discarded, the game is over and the points are counted. After a game, if a player has 26 points in their stack (ie discarded all hearts and the queen of spades), they have “shot at the moon”. He can now decide for himself whether he wants to subtract 26 points from his score or whether he prefers to give the other three players 26 points each. After each game, the points are added up and only when a player has reached at least 100 points after several games is the actual game over. This is reached after four games at the earliest and after 16 games at the latest. As already mentioned, after a completed series of games, the one with the fewest points wins.