Struts 2 Features Tutorial

struts 2 gives numerous features that were not in struts 1. The important features of struts 2 structure are as follows:

  1. Configurable MVC components
  2. POJO based actions
  3. AJAX support
  4. Integration support
  5. Various Result Types
  6. Various Tag support
  7. Theme and Template support

1) Configurable MVC components

In struts 2 system, we give every one of the segments (see parts and activity) data in struts.xml document. In the event that we have to change any data, we can essentially transform it in the xml file.

2) POJO based actions

In struts 2, activity class is POJO (Plain Old Java Object) for example a basic java class. Here, you are not compelled to actualize any interface or acquire any class.

3) AJAX support

Struts 2 offers help to ajax technology. It is utilized to make offbeat solicitation for example it doesn't obstruct the client. It sends just required field information to the server side not all. So it makes the execution fast.

4) Integration Support

We can basically incorporate the struts 2 application with hibernate, spring, tiles and so forth frameworks.

5) Various Result Types

We can utilize JSP, freemarker, speed and so on technologys as the outcome in struts 2.

6) Various Tag support

Struts 2 gives different kinds of labels, for example, UI labels, Data labels, control labels and so forth to facilitate the advancement of struts 2 application.

7) Theme and Template support

Struts 2 gives three kinds of topic support: xhtml, simple and css_xhtml. The xhtml is default topic of struts 2. Subjects and layouts can be utilized for regular look and feel.

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